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Hahmotushäiriö - Compilation - LP

Pressing of 500
160 g black vinyl + insert
Unreleased songs!

This compilation was born about three years ago, when I decided to release two of my favorite songs: Hemminki P.´s Kaksi Saksaa ja Neuvostoliitto and Jeesuskin maksa from Pillupuhelimet. At first I was going to release them as a seven incher. Then I thought that I might as well put some of my own bands on the same vinyl. It didn´t take long before there was an idea of putting out a completely politically incorrect record. The amount of the bands and songs kept on growing and seven inches turned into twelve. It got to the point where I had to drop something off because the LP became overcrowded. At least I tried to keep in mind the idea of a non-political lyrical content. I liked the idea of spreading the songs all over the record, not just lining all the bands/performers one after another. Most of them have more than one song included. I have to say that there´s a big bunch of bands that I´m involved with, so this is truly DIY. Some of the recordings are old as hell and some bands might even be defunct. But who cares about those little details.

The first song is from Pillupuhelimet. Once I heard Jeesuskin maksa on the 267 lattaajaa compilation CDr, I immediately thought that this track needs to be properly released. Actually, it was released before this on the Pillupuhelimet discography cassette by Shitsuck Tapes. Another song is also included, because it´s almost as good and it was available. Insane hardcore bursts of Kaivosurma share no mercy at all. Very quirky and very original stuff. Kiinalaiset-tune didn´t leave my head for several days once I heard it. One of the great achievements for me on this record is releasing a mystery track from Radiopuhelimet. Vainottu was originally on German "Gift & Galle" antifa compilation album in the mid 90´s. It´s safe to say that at least from finnish stand-point, it´s a unreleased piece of jewelry recorded during Maalla-sessions in 1993. Paukku-poliisi is a freaky song that was exclusively recorded for Hahmotushäiriö compilation by Sur-rur. It´s by far the strangest song I´ve heard from the band. Kännykkä is a bit different from that, it represents Sur-rur back from the early days. The track is from their first demo, but it sounds like three finnish exchange students ended up in Boston ca. 1981. Pommikoukku is a project that is loosely connected to Sur-rur, even the music is reminiscent of the mother band today. Aikajana is an easy-going, buzzing and simply a great song. Valse Triste´s Perheeni on testi is a alternate take of two old songs, as well is Etta Vendetta an alternate mix of a previously released Can Can Heads track. Daylight´s burning is from never-released US split 7". Naked Dogs and Vilttiketju are both around ten years old projects, we just played and recorded some shit, because we damn well felt like it. Sessions were made with low effort, but with lots of enthusiasm. Sianpää is something I wish to be more than just a project. The name might change, but these demotracks give a hint of what´s about to come. Disgrace is an old well-oiled machine that keeps on rolling, literally. More rock than punk or metal, but I´ve always liked their way of playing. You just have to see them play live. Here´s a one Disgrace original and a one borrowed from The Drags. I found out about Navigations the modern way: through the internet. I Listenened to a couple of tunes from their website and I was sold. I craved for a unreleased song and got one. Improvisation in the form of Learning to smoke, not the song you expected to be on this compilation. Asthmatix recorded Saatanan nunnat and Hirvilehmäromantiikka as a part of their last recording session before they broke up. Before that they released a Rokkaava perseikä EP in 1990. This band truly fits in the politically incorrect category. Jyrki Nissinen… you may ask how serious is this man? Not very I´d think, but his fucked up punkfolk annoys so much that you have to give him some or rather, a lot of credit. Understanding some finnish language helps a bit. Hemminki P. and Valse Triste were about to release a split single in the nineties, something happened and Kaksi Saksaa ja Neuvostoliitto was rotting in the closet for all these years. I was hunting for the original "crappier" version of the song, but I had to satisfy on this one. I don´t regret it anymore, this is probably the happiest song on the album. Osasto 11 sings here about a biking helmet…it stood up from their demo CDr, a true hit-song. When I saw the vocalist singing this live - let´s just say - I was convinced. The Insult That Made A Man Out Of Mac´s demo-version of Comfort kills is insidiously intensive, maybe more than the actual CD-version. Like Osasto 11, witnessing this song live, was like getting hit with a crowbar in the dental department. In slow motion. Asthma Nation is an experiment which was almost dropped off in the end, but after a quick poll, I decided to take a risk and let it be. P-Bone is the name of the song that has the honors of really ending the record. Fun or not, but this 98 second severe attack of harsh noiserock is close to perfection, at least when the saxophone kicks in. It´s pure gold for ears.

Thinking about the making of this compilation pretty much gives me a headache, the stress, the loss of money and so on. But after listening to it few times in a row, it was well worth it.

6th of December 2006

Raine Liimakka


Short, Fast & Loud #17
v/a Hahmotushäiriö LP
Utterly insane Finland hardcore compilation here and even though I´m well schooled in Finnish punk and HC I´ve hardly heard of any of these crazy bands! This record was released specifically for bands with non-political lyrics. Lots of rough, demo-styled recordings of traditional and non-traditional noisy punk, but most would fall into hardcore category. Bands like VALSE TRISTE, CAN CAN HEADS, RADIOPUHELIMET and KAIVOSURMA may be (or may be not) familiar to some but you also get unknown bands such as HEMMINKI P., PILLUPHELIMET, SUR-RUR, NAKED DOGS, VILTTIKETJU, POMMIKOUKKU, SIANPAA, DISGRACE, ASTHMATIX and a few other weirdo tracks by folkpunker JYRKI NISSINEN, a improve band called NAVIGATIONS and load of other strangeness. Well worth the money and an odd listen that is about as predictable as you can get in hardcore.


PILLUPUHELIN: Jeesuskin maksa 1.11
KAIVOSURMA: Kiinalaiset 0.32
SUR-RUR: Paukku-poliisi 1.26
VALSE TRISTE: Perheeni on testi 1.25
CAN CAN HEADS: Etta Vendetta (Donald trumpet version) 2.27
NAKED DOGS: So delighted 0.54
NAVIGATIONS: Learning to smoke 2.39
VILTTIKETJU: Juomaripelle 1.01
DISGRACE: Count five 2.56
SIANPÄÄ: Kiire kostaa 0.42
ASTHMATIX: Saatanan nunnat 1.02
POMMIKOUKKU: Aikajana 3.46
JYRKI NISSINEN: En oo sun ennustaja tulevaisuudesta 1.09

HEMMINKI P.: Kaksi Saksaa ja Neuvostoliitto 2.35
SUR-RUR: Kännykkä 0.44
PILLUPUHELIN: Hyvin teeskennelty orgasmi 1.09
DISGRACE: I like to die 1.55
SIANPÄÄ: Väärä rivi 0.56
OSASTO 11: Kypärä 1.05
CAN CAN HEADS: Daylight´s burning 1.36
JYRKI NISSINEN: King Kong kuviot 1.44
ASTHMATIX: Hirvilehmäromantiikka 2.14
KAIVOSURMA: Nauris 0.23
NAKED DOGS: Contract on god 0.56
FUN: P-bone 1.38.
total: 49 min
















on their way to studio to record shit


more songs to be released

more songs to be released




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